Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drive One

At the risk of sounding repetitive, and perhaps to add the final chapter to my previous novel, I was just reading The Globe, and one of the comments left about today's Toyota hearings was "Want a real story? Remember what kind of show Ford and Firestone made to escape consequences of flip overs because of faulty tires and poor vehicle design? That was a real stuff and it didn't attract 10th of attention Toyota attracts now."

Ford and Firestone screwed up in the early 90s. Toyota majorly screwed up right now. So what has changed over the last two decades? Social media and the ability for consumers to become spokespeople for a brand. If these had been commonplace during Ford's bad days, they would have been in the same hot water as Toyota is now. Toyota is getting 10x more attention today than Ford ever did because consumers have real emotions.

And anger is one of the strongest.

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